History and Mission

History and Mission

History of the Health Fair

The Health Fair is an initiative of the TheoryBeliver Group, which aims to promote health and welfare services in a dynamic, lively and transparent and healthy competition environment.

At Altice Forum Braga The Fair promotes the meeting between promoters and general public for a commercial counseling experience in premium spaces, which offer ideal comfort conditions for those looking for a personalized service.

At the health fair there will also be dynamization and entertainment venues based on health and welfare, musical events, Workshops, physical activities and animation in order to help Portuguese families to find health and welfare solutions For your day-to-day.

The organization already believes in extending this fair to other points in our country.

Health Fair Mission

Our mission with the health Fair is to help Portuguese families to find varied solutions in the Healthof a timewhen increasingly growing concern about health and welfare, we intend to sensitively the final public to the The advantages of informed advice and guided by competent health professionals. The main objective of this fair is the promotion of health services and welfare of prosecutors to the general public, in order to contribute to the citizens of all ages to have knowledge and adopt a healthy lifestyle. This is intended: 

– encouraging and raise awareness of the adoption of healthy behaviors; 

– disseminate knowledge that allows the population of Braga to adopt a critical mindset and accountability on health itself; 

– to promote the importance of being active, valuing the practice of Various physical and recreational activities. 

Activities will also be held parallel to the fair, directed to small and big, such as senior gymnastics, lectures on diabetes, hypertension, among others directed to caregivers, Workshop on nutrition and education for health, Yoga, Pilates, Ballet, Contemporary dance, healthy cuisine, among others. During these two days will also be performed a set of free screenings at the level of glycemia, cholesterol, hypertension, IMG, Audiology, among others. The fair will be open to the general public for free. Human contact is always a richer experience and offers increased security.

Excellent initiative that allows us to present our health plans. These are initiatives that facilitate the dynamization between companies and the public.

Pedro Silva